zondag 4 april 2010

O my heart, it`s the black in the rainbow!

So, today I went out to do 花見,or,quite literally,flower watching, with the members of EWS/英会話circle :D
It was quite a sight, and the fantastic weather didn`t hurt either. And although i had to leave a bit early it was a lot of fun :)

woensdag 24 maart 2010

When we cut back
your mother's chinaberry tree
she didn't quite cooperate,
didn't go peacefully.

Storms were coming in.
A storm was rolling out.
I Googled her.
I like to know about

a thing before I do
it harm. Pride-of-India,
Texas Umbrella, Persian Lilac,
Bead Tree and Japonica –

a name for every home.
A crime for every alias.
I clicked her yellow fruit –
rock-hard, poisonous –

cut her leaflets – toothed, blue-green
and toxic – dragged along her bark –
a curative though deadly,
pasted the buff, hallmark

fissures wrenched tight
across her purpled torso
elongating her pain,
a late El Greco

(though each spring she'd burst
in drooping lilac panicles).
Your mother wasn't well.
Sport utility vehicles,

two of them next door
plus a brand new fence,
the storm, her terrible cough,
impeccable evidence

that the dead limb-
one of three in the trunk's braid –
would cleave off easy
(wrong – again). I was afraid.

Lyric and decorative
foreign-born Melia,
a transplanted Ruth,
invasive, diligent Medea

wild as the bow saw bit
into her soft back.
We got her down,
her snapping twigs black

with your blood and my blood,
the sheeted sweat, the flecks of skin,
a ritual we'd do once
and be done with and then

you watched me jump.
I crushed her spine.
We left her by the road.
What's yours is mine

and what is mine may well
be yours. I think. We're both givers.
It was getting late.
We looked down: ants, carpenters

sifting their wreckage,
dirt, dried pith, broken phloem,
pale larvae clamped tight in black jaws.
There – there was the poem.

By Bradford Gray Telford's Perfect Hurt

donderdag 18 februari 2010

Random trip to 国際交流会館(international office)

Today I went to the International office in Kyoto to look for tutoringjobs in English as well as Dutch (seeing how the latter one was surprisingly fun :D).
These are the pictures i took on the way there,

donderdag 11 februari 2010

short trip to Kobe

Some random pictures of a short, last-minute trip to kobe :D
I`d love to go there again when the weather clears up a bit.

donderdag 10 december 2009

Not too long now :D,

about 5 more days, `till the much awaited day that FF13 hits the shelves :D I`ve been looking forward to it for some time now, and Square enix, the moneyhungry fiends that they are, released some celebratory soda cans, much like they did for the last couple of editions. Ofcourse the FF-fanboy that is me needed to buy them, so here is the 1st series, with the second one undoubtly soon to follow :>

zaterdag 21 november 2009


hi gais!

Time has been going so fast lately :O hard to believe I`ve been here for about 2.5 months now! The classes are steadily but surely increasing in difficulty :O but it`s been fun enough :D I will also have to debate on wether or not english should be thought amongst school children from the age of 8 (they SHAN`T, i do declare!) and write about Hikkikomori, seeing as that`s a topic on which i have quite some interest it shouldn`T be to much of a chore :D
While school has been going well it can be somewhat dull sometimes, mainly because i`m not used to the wake up at 7 routine) so in order to liven things up a bit I bought a tv together with Els which is still in my room for the moment but will eventually find its way to her room (or so I`d liek her to believe :3)
So what`s a tv without games, i hear you say? Well, not much i daresay! seeing i can`t really use get any TV broadcast in my room :D And seeing as Els her PS3 is here anyway, might as well get some games! Lately I`ve been playing Bayonetta which is heaps of fun but waaay to short, and as of today 3D ドットゲームヒーローズ(3d dot game heroes) which for anyone who has EVER played any oldschool RPG is one nice old ride through memory lane :D it`s basically the same as any old rpg (the bomb/arrow/gold division seems very Link-esque) but in 3D. yes, that`s right. It`s completely and utterly epic, even down to the way enemies disintegrate into little cubes once you chop em up and the 8-bit tunes :D

Also I`ve been playing the 逆転裁判 (Phoenix wright) games for a bit, and they are quite fun offcourse, albeit i can`T seem to focus to much on em so It takes me weeks to finish a single chapter.
In the light of keeping up with my reading I`ve pretty much finished the second volume of the first law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie, which is \GREAT1!!And should be read by all. sooooooooooo, that`s about it for now! I will probably be updating shortly seeing as we are free from class for a couple of days starting wednesday :D